Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Our consultation event on Thursday at the Circle was a great opportunity to collect ideas and feedback about our project from the LGBT community of Sheffield.  We really enjoyed organizing the event and we and we had a great turn with lot positive and useful comments. The event was held in two rooms on the first floor.  We greeted guests at the door and gained an idea of our audience through our guest book sign in The participation games were all set up, with members of the live group directing them and explaining them to the guests.

Three games were held on the day: the spot the present & flag the future game, the puzzle game and the facade composition. Each game was designed in way for us to gather different types of information that would be relevant to enriching the project.

 The first mapping game aimed to gather information about the areas of Sheffield and where they would see and place the new LGBT Centre.
The second game was more about the spaces of the future venue. A person was a given a set of puzzle pieces which were representation of different types of spaces and depending on their transparency were public or private.  They were given connector pieces and could choose which types of spaces they wanted to see in the new LGBT Centre and how they would link together.  The public and private option was also available for the connector's pieces.

The third game was the creation of a facade.  Different background settings were provided with varying levels of openness on which elements such as windows could be added to build a composition.  This helped us to gain an understanding of how expressive or discrete people would want the LGBT Centre façade to be.


Overall, the games were played individually or in groups.  Post-it notes were also provided to the guests, so that people could comment and provide suggestion on our work to date, which included our precedent studies, ideas and research. Each game and action during the event were recorded and documented. We are currently in the process of collating and representing this information from the consultation. We want to thank the audience who attended our event and for their valuable participation, we hope everyone who attended also found it a enjoyable evening.

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