Friday, 25 October 2013

An infinite spectrum

Sexuality and gender identity of those who attended our consultation evening.
We feel it vital that our consultation process is as far-reaching as possible and are extremely proud to have been able to talk with so many people at our recent event. Although we were already aware that sexuality and gender are on limitless sliding scales, this really highlighted the huge variety of people that make up the LGBT community (as well as those who might see themselves on the periphery, or indeed not part of it at all).

In a recent meeting with LGBT Sheffield it was said that we should "make [the centre] accessible to everyone, because at the moment that is not what Sheffield is." Everyone, of course, must therefore have an equal voice and be fully represented within our project and in the future of the LGBT Sheffield project.

“There are no nice shiny boxes, or if there are then there are an infinite number of them.” Hank, Human Sexuality is Complicated,

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